Our Services

Boreal Scientific Computing LLC’s prime mission is to provide scientific computing services for small organisations around the world.  Our experience and expertise is in the deployment of atmospheric models and other geophysical models in high performance computing environments for operational and research activities.  We will consider a variety of customer needs, but these are our strengths and current emphases

  • Translation of customer operational modeling needs into a real-world deployment based on cloud-computing resources.  This includes regular real-time simulations and on-demand emergency response scenarios where numerous models need to be run in a short period of time for initial and ongoing situational awareness
  • Deployment of models on systems ranging from in-house Linux clusters to HPC computing environments to cloud environments.  Many projects require numerous model executions for operational purposes and research case-studies.  We have the experience to help you install and run your models on a variety of computing platforms.
  • Training in Python-based methods to deploy operational and research modeling systems